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The overall exterior lengths of inflatable boats are measured from tip to tip. Almost all manufacturers build boats with a long cone at the rear. This is a cheap method of finishing off the stern of the boat. However, this cone adds to the overall length without increasing buoyancy and the usable interior space or the boat and therefore can give a false impression of the usable capacity of the boat.
Apex boats are constructed with rounded ends (Hypalon) and therefore have a shorter exterior length than their major competitors. We build our boats with rounded ends despite the additional cost because we want our tough rubbing strake to extend around and protect the stern of the boat. This shorter length helps for storage on davit or dinghy  racks while the usable interior space is actually larger. When choosing a boat, look at the interior space of the models you are comparing. 


Apex Boats reflects the commitment to quality which is an essential ingredient in the conception and manufacture of their designs. They choose the best Hypalon for all their boats. This unique, reinforced fabric used by all reputable manufacturers and requested in accordance with military, navy, and commercial specifications. We have achieved this top quality thanks to 30 years experience, our loyal qualified labor and the best raw material money can buy.


Apex is recognized worldwide for its quality; his production team each day moves closer to perfection investing in research, development and innovation from design to manufacturing. Thanks to its global network, Apex deploys attention in listening and monitoring its customers to constantly improve its products and services. 

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Apex boats in fibreglass have minimal maintenance compared to other materials such as steel or aluminum, which suffer enormous problems of corrosion and electrolysis almost uncontrollable depending on the places and levels of chemical pollution / electric. Also, aluminum is a highly heat conductive material, at the time of soldering, it is recommended to remove the tubes and there is always a risk of affecting the electrical and electric system or other essential parts of the structure of vessel more susceptible to heat. 

Following our previous experience in the construction and maintenance of metal boats, we recommended only for large living units where ongoing maintenance is performed. Fibreglass vessels are easily repairable while those aluminum or steel required a more sophisticated and unusual tools. 

Thanks to the constant improvement of our  technologies and building a specialized hand construction, our boats are lightweight, powerful and durable. Their stability and deep V (offshore) provide the user with a performance / consumption optimum ratio. Hull integrated, our inner anchoring 4 points and 3 outside points (transom and front) allow the boat to be easily manipulated. Towable by a car and easily storable, quickly can be in use in any situations: beach, boat ramp, rivers, etc. 


From 2.40m to 11 meters standard up to 18 meters special order, our wide range of semi-rigid built for the professional and responsive to the public allows us to cover such diverse markets as the guard, relief sea, the oil industry, civil protection and more generally all the institutional / professional.

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