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For over 20 years, Walker Bay has been designing and building the most innovative, versatile and enjoyable boats on the market. It is their mission to provide customers with smart, simple, user-friendly solutions so they can fully enjoy being out on the water. Walker Bay constantly strive to create products that offer better value and fresh thinking, and they take pride in the joy it brings to those who own them.

Walker Bay doesn't just manufacture marine products, they share a passion for boating and a life spent on the water. They stand behind their products, and what's more, they use them. Each product they make goes through extensive design and testing so they can offer a better experience for their customers. 

Since 1997 Walker Bay has won over a dozen awards for product innovation, design, and outstanding business practices. Their company was founded on the principles of dependability and customer satisfaction so it is east to see why there are more than 100,000 Walker Bay boats in use in over 50 countries around the world. 

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At Walker Bay They take the time to consider every aspect as to how their boats might be used. They pay attention to every detail to give their customers a better boating experience. From our biggest deluxe RIB, the Generation 525 with its passenger leaning post that doubles as a boarding handle, to our smallest roll-ups with trim tabs and lifting grips molded into the transom. We go the extra mile to give our customers the best. 

All of our inflatables are designed to be more spacious and are easy to get in and out from the bow. A wider bow also means less water spray so you and your passengers can enjoy a drier ride. Our unique curved deep V-Hull design provides a sharper entry point while cutting through waves and causes water to be directed back down for a smoother ride in rough conditions and less spray into the boat.


All Walker Bay inflatable boats are built using the finest materials available. They are designed to be incredibly durable and built to perform. Our relentless attention to detail means you can feel confident you own one of the world's finest inflatable boats. 


Walker Bay uses the most advanced manufacturing processes to create better built hulls that ride better and last longer. Our DuraTech fibreglass construction is environmentally friendly vacuum molding process producing a hull 40% more durable and 30% lighter than traditional fibreglass and our award winning DuraLight Genesis hull, the only injection molded polypropylene hull in the world, offers unprecedented durability and impact resistance. Innovative construction methods such as these are what make Walker Bay a leader in the marine industry.

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