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The Walker Bay 22 is a luxury sports RIB with a bold and elegant design. The boldness reflects its unique combination of ruggedness, handling, and sporty versatility. The elegance in its design reflects the comfort, layout, and features that make it great for entertaining family and friends.


The World’s First 22′ Luxury Sport RIB

The level of versatility seen in the Walker Bay is true to Walker Bay’s core. The Walker Bay 22 is ready for any adventure, no matter the weather, terrain, or activity. Explore, dive, ski, fish, or entertain, the


Walker Bay has features that give you the freedom to choose your activity.


What makes the Walker Bay unique is the way it captures the characteristics of a bigger boat in a size that is very easy to maneuver and handle, it is also 1 foot wider than most 22’ boats. The 22’ Walker Bay feels and behaves like a bigger boat because of the bold way in which deck space is used.


The deck space is used very differently from other 22’ boats and for a very important reason. By positioning the helm towards the stern:

  • The bow area is larger and more spacious.
  • The driver is further to the rear, the most comfortable part of the boat when it’s rough.
  • Your passengers will feel like they are in a bigger boat.

Walker Bay 22 / 200HP PKG